Students and Young Adults

Many young people experience destabilising challenges, loneliness, social disconnection and a lack of motivation as they struggle with expectations. Whilst parents and teachers find it difficult to connect and communicate with young people. These conflicts often arise over exams, grades, and lack of directions making these situations difficult to navigate for both parents and young people.

Rapid Transformation has successfully helped many young people manage their emotions.


The BBC news reported on a study which found that hypnotherapy helped to reduce anxiety and feelings of helplessness in students: ‘The effects of hypnotherapy were found to be greater than those


of more traditional relaxation techniques. The research, conducted at Hampshire Hypnotherapy Centre, was revealed to the British Psychological Society.


Working with young people comes naturally to me, I have spent the last 7 years supporting young people as they manage stress and sort through life’s complications. I actively support the young men of the Amos Bursary, a charity founded in 2009 to support young men who have had to endure a range of challenges, yet strive to continue excelling in academia, the arts, and the corporate world.