What is sexual wellness?

It is the practice of sexual self care, preserving or improving your sexual wellbeing. Like everything in life, our sexual wellness changes and transitions throughout our lives. We often need support, education on what we need and what brings us pleasure during our sexual lifespan.



•          Anorgasmia

•          Vaginismus

•          Shame

•          Low Libido

•          Erectile Dysfunction

•          Lack of Desire

•          Lack of Response to Sexual Stimulus

•          Menopause Anxiety

•          Avoidance of intimacy

•          Desire Mismatch in Relationship

•          Consent



If you feel disconnected from yourself and your ability to desire and feel pleasure, let’s talk about your sexual wellness and ways to experience more pleasure.


At least 43 percent of women and 31 percent of men experience some sort of  sexual dysfunction or issue during their lifetime. The influence of alcohol.

It is reported that at least two-thirds of sexual dysfunctions have a psychological component. Having fulfilling sex may be difficult when sexual dysfunction occurs. For some clients, this often triggers the use of alcohol as an aphrodisiac to better sex. When we over drink, over time alcohol can decrease your libido and diminish your ability to be fully present to enjoy sex.

I believe giving yourself permission for pleasure and engaging in sober sex is an essential part of wellness, in fact mental health, and sexual wellness are deeply connected, they go hand in hand.


Using a blended approach  of sexual Freedom Hypnosis and Tantric coaching, my aim is to educate and support you as you embrace and strengthen your sexual wellbeing through all stages of your life.

*All clients are encouraged to see a doctor to rule out physical and medical issues. Changes in libido, vaginal lubrication, pain during sex should be discussed with your GP in order to rule out any medical or physical causes. Major illness and disease can have an impact  on your libido and create sexual dysfunction. If you suffer from diabetes , thyroid issues high blood pressure or autoimmune diseases I suggest you might want to have a conversation with your doctor.