Depression is not a disease, it is merely a symptom, a sign that something is off balance and needs to be remedied. In fact, most people who feel depressed are highly productive but, at the same time feel overly stressed, anxious, irritable, forgetful, and tired.


Many people who suffer from depression feel the need to be perfect. Low self-esteem, negative self-talk, and feelings of not being enough may be at the heart of depression. Sometimes you need more than deep breathing and positive thinking to overcome depression. I forge a partnership with my clients to discover the root cause(s) of their depression using hypnotherapy and targeted nutritional therapy to address any nutrient deficiencies, which may be an underlying factor.

Clients leave my sessions with a greater understanding of themselves and with a deeper insight into the faulty thinking that triggers their depression. With this in mind, my clients are in a better position to identify and correct their thoughts before they become overbearing


If you are ready for liberation, then I invite you to learn how your beliefs and behaviours have shaped your biology and what you can do about it. Identify the self-sabotaging voices of guilt, shame, apathy, and frustration. Understand why you feel the need to reward-eat, people-please, discard your intuition and go against your better knowing self.


This programme is intended to go deep. Our work focuses on those acute relationships with food, self-esteem and self-sabotage. As you embark on your journey, doors will open and rewire the thoughts that keep you tangled and muted. Tears are welcome, very welcome, just know that this is all part of the transformational process.