Meet Robyn

Founder of Mindfull Transformation

"Hello and thank you for recognising the importance of your mind and body. This is a great first step and I am here to help guide you through the rest of the journey.


I offer a  functional approach to helping you overcome the mental health challenges that prevent us from living our best life. I look forward to helping you reach your full potential."



Robyn Spens is recognised as a leading therapist, who makes a difference in people’s lives. She is an empathic communicator and understands how the power of the brain and the words we tell ourselves have an immense impact on our behaviour and our bodies.


Having experienced her own transformation first hand, Robyn spent 16 years in the corporate arena as an accomplished director until a serious health challenge left her unable to cope. She made a conscious decision to change her life and transform her health. 

"I wish I could tell you that my health transformation was swift and easy, but it wasn’t. For me, recognising the root cause and implementing change were the most difficult parts of the journey and they still are occasionally, but what I have learned is this: change is indeed possible, but transformation requires both effort and support in order to thrive.

I look forward to helping you reach your full potential and lead a less stressful, anxiety-inducing life."


  • ​​FNLP Functional Nutrition Alliance

  • ​​Hypnotherapy Marisa Peer Rapid Transformation Therapy

  • FMCHC, Functional Medicine Coaching Academy 

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, Institute of Health Science

  • Fertile Body Method Practitioner

  • KGH Hypnobirthing Birth Education Teacher

  • Integrative Women's Health Institute Hormonal Health

  • The Life Coach School

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