Meet Robyn

Founder of Mindfull Transformation


"Thank you for recognising the importance of a healthy relationship and how an unhealthy relationship with alcohol can impact your fertility, your sexual wellness and your ability to feel pleasure. Awareness is a brilliant first step. If you want to make intimacy, sexual wellness or fertility a priority, then you have discovered your perfect accountability partner.


I offer a functional approach to helping you overcome the emotional challenges and shame that prevent you from creating intimacy with yourself and within your relationships."



Robyn Spens is recognised as a leading therapist and coach. She specialises and is specifically trained in several methodologies. Her work has made a difference in many peoples lives. She is a transformational communicator and understands how the power of emotion has an immense impact on our intimate relationships; especially the one with self.


Robyn spent many years as a consultant overworking, over drinking and not feeling very much emotionally, especially pleasure.

“I was not an alcoholic but like many women, alcohol relaxed me, it made many other parts of my life bearable.This continued until a serious health challenge forced me to rethink my relationship with alcohol. I made a conscious decision to transform my life. One priority was to give myself permission for life’s pleasures, this revelation helped me to realise alcohol was a false pleasure.” 


For me, recognising I needed support was the most difficult part of the journey. But once I accepted that support, and gave myself permission to feel my emotions without the cushion of alcohol, I was able to accept so much more pleasure into my life. What I have learned from my experiences and from my clients is this: The pleasure of change is indeed possible, but it requires both effort and coaching in order to move from just surviving to thriving.”

Robyn Spens is also a Sexual Freedom Practitioner and a Rapid Transformation Therapist and Trainer.


  • Sexual Freedom Hypnosis Practitioner

  • The Life Coach School

  • FNLP Functional Nutrition Alliance

  • ​​Hypnotherapy Marisa Peer Rapid Transformation Therapy

  • FMCHC, Functional Medicine Coaching Academy 

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, Institute of Health Science

  • Fertile Body Method Practitioner

  • KGH Hypnobirthing Birth Education Teacher

  • Integrative Women's Health Institute Hormonal Health

  • Jacquin Hypnosis Academy

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