Fertility with Pleasure

Failing to conceive can be extremely challenging for many couples. Emotional, and psychological factors can interfere with a couple's desire and ability to experience pleasure. This aspect of infertility is often overlooked. The sole aim of my approach is to educate and empower couples to take back control of their sexual wellness both mentally and emotionally.


I coach you and your partner through the fears, negative beliefs, and unhelpful thoughts that bring great unease and sadness to the infertility journey.


My sexual wellness methodology offers a holistic strengthening to your mind and body as you give yourselves permission to experience pleasure as you prepare to conceive naturally or with IVF. This approach encourages you to take back your power and bring amazing sex into your fertility journey as a couple.

How it works


Step 1

Schedule a complimentary confidential 40 minute discovery call to briefly discuss your needs.

Together we will map out the best approach to gaining what you want more of in your life. I will then answer any clarifying questions and elaborate on coaching, hypnotherapy or the functional nutrition process. 

We will discuss the best approach to treatment and the appropriate package.


Step 2

We meet at regular intervals to ensure you are on track and making progress.

There are one to one coaching sessions and packages available.  You will also receive additional resources and tips that pertain to the neuroscience around your issue. If you are ready to transform your thinking click on the link to learn more.


Step 3

Session take place at my London practice or over Zoom.

Your first session will include a Client Intake Form and initial planning about your needs and goals to help us prepare for a successful outcome.


Step 4

My role is to help you address and alleviate some of your deepest concerns. Some sessions may require take-home exercises which are essential to ensure maximum results. 

If you are ready to experience personal growth, increased self awareness, and have a desire to show up strong in your life regardless of the challenges, then book a complimentary consultation today.

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