What Can I Help With?

Stop overdrinking

Are you ready to consciously stop overdrinking and reduce your stress? Let me show you how to make the change today.

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Are you one thought away from changing your life? Change is possible with life coaching. 

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There is often an emotional and psychological impact that blunts pleasure and arousal when infertility is being investigated. The work we do is focused on bringing the pleasure and intimacy back.

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Permission for pleasure begins in the mind. I believe you deserve sexual freedom.

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Permission starts in the brain; give yourself the Gift of Pleasure.

How It Works




Schedule a free, confidential 20 minute discovery call to briefly discuss your needs.

Together we will map out the best approach to gaining what you want more of in your life. I will then answer any clarifying questions and elaborate on coaching, hypnotherapy or the functional nutrition process. 

We will discuss the best approach to treatment and the appropriate package.




We will meet at regular intervals to ensure you are on track and making progress.


There are one to one and monthly group coaching sessions for support.  You will also receive additional resources and tips that pertain to the neuroscience around your issue. If you are ready to transform your thinking click on the link to learn more.


Confirm Logistics

Depending on your availability, your sessions can either take place at my London practice or over Zoom.


Your first session will include a Client Intake Form and initial planning about your needs and goals to help us prepare for a successful outcome. 


Our Partnership

My role is to help you address and alleviate some of your deepest concerns. Some sessions may require take-home exercises which are essential to ensure maximum results. 

If you are ready to experience personal growth, increased self awareness, and have a desire to show up strong in your life regardless of the challenges, then book a free consultation today. 

Meet Robyn

Founder of Mindfull Transformation

Robyn Spens is recognised as a leading therapist and coach, who works with high achieving women who want to change destructive habits. She is a transformational communicator who understands how the power of the brain and the words we tell ourselves have an immense impact on our behaviour and our bodies.

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Coaching and hypnotherapy with Robyn has changed my life. Through both hypnotherapy and coaching, Robyn has guided me through bettering my anxiety, my insecurity, my overeating and over drinking issues. She is extremely bright, warm, kind and honest and has helped me to see many things differently, to question my deeply entrenched negative thoughts, and to make positive changes to my life. I trust her implicitly and this has allowed me to be really honest and identify the root causes for my unhappiness. Through Robyn’s guidance I have found acceptance, clarity and calm; she has helped me to think differently, set boundaries and ultimately be much happier. I am eternally grateful to her and I cannot recommend her enough. "

Hannah .L.

Robyn has been instrumental to helping me cope with my anxiety through the use of hypnotherapy. Robyn has helped me overcome deep-rooted childhood issues and is now preparing me for motherhood. Robyn is an amazing therapist and I recommend her highly to anyone who is in need of support. Robyn not only helps you confront your past, but she also teaches you how to manage your triggers in your day to day life."

Nicole .M.

"Hypnotherapy helped me deal with the problems in my life and take a new approach.  After the fallout of my marriage, I was frozen with anxiety, fear and confusion and I felt that I was going around in circles and I couldn't move forward. I felt powerless. Having hypnotherapy with Robyn has changed my life around and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for change and support."

Neil .H. 

"When I first reached out to Robyn, I wasn't sure what I was going through... Something wasn't resonating and I was off - low and lost. It took me a while to send the message, but when I got her reply, I felt immediately secure and ultimately relieved, because I knew I was going to be OK. Robyn knew what I needed and what I had to move through... When one is lost, this is incredibly valuable. The trust and care from this amazing woman kept me grounded and supported . All the things I have learned with Robyn are phenomenally reliable and have brought to me freedom. I have changed because of what she has brought to my life, including her kindness, humour, grit and warmth, as well as her work, which carries years of knowledge and tested skills. I am utterly grateful to Robyn, and I am excited to continue the work that has made a huge difference to my life."


Book Consultation

Please register below for a 20 minute complimentary consultation. During this call, I will listen to your needs and share my thoughts on the most appropriate services, associated fees, and appointment availability.

Congratulations - this is the beginning of your Mindfull Transformation journey. I will be in touch very soon.