“Robyn has been instrumental to helping me cope with my anxiety through the use of hypnotherapy. Robyn has helped me overcome deep-rooted childhood issues and is now preparing me for motherhood. Robyn is an amazing hypnotherapist and hypnobirthing partner and I highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of support with birth education knowledge and pregnancy support. I managed my pregnancy and my hypnobirthing experience with your support and for this, I am extremely grateful. I am now the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl.

Nicole .M.

"Hypnotherapy helped me deal with the problems in my life and take a new approach.  After the fallout of my marriage, I was frozen with anxiety, fear and confusion and I felt that I was going around in circles and I couldn't move forward. I felt powerless. Having hypnotherapy with Robyn has changed my life around and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for change and support".

Neil .H. 

“Robyn helped me to lose weight, gain energy and change for good my reliance on sugar. I no longer binge and then crash diet, for the first time in my life I am consistently making positive food choices that are delicious and good for me - something I previously thought was impossible".

Amy .B. 

“Robyn has engineered a change of my mindset toward both food and drink. I am now proud to adhere to the whole food nutritional approach she proposed and to watch the pounds drop off. I have lost 11 pounds and they are staying off. It gives me pleasure, too, to measure when and how little I allow myself to drink alcohol. My new self-control is her gift.”

Patrick .D.

“I had never experienced hypnotherapy nor had I a solid understanding of what exactly it is. Therefore I had no expectation apart from hopefully an opportunity to learn something about myself. I found that through practice and repetition from lessons learned in the session, issues I was once overcome by did not seem as stressful. Although I was aware of what I wanted to ‘be rid of ’ the difficulty for me was how to achieve it. After the session what I found most helpful was discovering consistent actions and tools in which I can address my problems instead of fearing them. I am also discovered how important self-confidence can be in everyday life and yet how difficult it can be to practice it. Needless to say, I left the session feeling more confident and content within myself. These new tools have made my life so much easier”.

Victoria .M.

Hypnotherapy and Nutritional Coaching with Robyn changed my life! When we first met, I was stressed and overwhelmed and my health was falling apart. In less than 3 months of working together, I turned my health around. The anxiety is gone, I am sleeping better, eating well and I feel so much better. The depth and power of her skill as a therapist is unbelievable. Robyn does not mess around; she goes to the root of your challenges and helps you make changes that last a lifetime. If you are thinking about working with her, just do it”.

Orin .N.

"Robyn has been a huge part of my journey. Reaching out to her was the best decision I made when it comes to my personal growth and wellbeing this year. I found Robyn as I wanted to try Rapid Transformational Therapy and my experience has been quite mind-blowing. Not only was the RTT so effective in helping me realise hidden feelings and truths form the past, Robyn’s warmth and light allowed me to feel completely safe and unashamedly me, laughs and cries included. She really looks out for you in all sessions and follow ups - I haven’t received that amount of care from a mental health or any other healthcare professional quite like that. I would recommend Robyn to anyone and everyone and I thank her for being her, as it allowed me to be me".

Phoebe .G. 

"I thought I was able to manage my anxiety and triggers on my own for the majority of my life.  I finally came to terms that was not possible and started working with Robyn. My triggers were deep in my subconscious.  After my sessions with Robyn I feel stronger, more confident and able to manage my emotions. I feel empowered and peaceful.  Robyn is a true professional and her program is transformational. She is powerful, calming and skilled and this is absolutely her life calling.  She picks up on the root of your emotional struggles very quickly and gets to work. This program can change every aspect of your life and health in short order.  I cannot recommend enough. A MUST for every person, young or old".

Tami . O. 

"After an illness, I developed severe anxieties and phobias. I was

interested in having RTT. I researched which therapists were

available in London, spoke with a few of them to get a feel and

then had a video call with Robyn.

From the get-go she was great. She has a lovely way about her and instilled me with confidence that I would be in safe hands and I was. I only needed one session.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.

David. F. 
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