Setting boundaries is a consistent practice. 

You will become confident and efficient at it in the

The Boundary Club

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When you are saying yes to others, make sure that you are not saying no to yourself. 

Boundary Club

Package includes:  

  • 16 Weeks - 4 Months
  • Weekly Coaching 
  • 60 Minute Zoom Calls 
  • Boundary Workbook 
  • Boundary setting Practice
  • 1 Private RTT Session
  • Group Support  



Healthy Boundaries Enhance Relationships 

Communicate set and implement healthy boundaries.

Step 1. 

In the boundary club, you will learn how to articulate, set and practice setting effective boundaries.

Step 2.

Your abilities will shift as you learn proven methodologies to set and implement boundaries with confidence and conviction.

Step 3. 

You will learn the foundations of sitting with discomfort as you unlock your ability to be neutral with other people's pushback.

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One Payment - $2,500

Five Payments - $500

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Please schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation. 

Where I will assess  your needs and share useful tips on how you can start setting healthy boundaries. Book a call for more information on the Boundary Club, associated fees, and the next group start date. 

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