Imagine having total control over when and how much you drink. 


You already have the power within you.

Let me show you how to unlock your brain's potential and restore sovereignty and ease to your relationship with alcohol.


Women are drinking more than ever.

Perhaps you drink to de-stress after a difficult day or you drink to shed those sexual inhibitions which prevent you from experiencing pleasure or is it the result of these uncertain times that trigger your over drinking habit?

No matter the catalyst, your emotions are valid, but somewhere along the way, the relationship between your emotional triggers and you’re drinking became less than helpful to you.

You may have tried combatting the triggers to over-drink with willpower alone, which ironically made you fixate on drinking even more than before.

What you resisted, persisted.

This cycle of avoidance and indulgence may have led to feelings of guilt or frustration, as the urge to continue drinking seemed at times insurmountable.

It doesn't have to be this way; you can absolutely regain control of your drinking and do it with ease, not resistance.

I am here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you.

That strong urge to drink is actually the byproduct of a healthily functioning brain.

Your brain contains complex reward systems and has been conditioned by your thoughts into believing that over-drinking serves you, when you know that it does not.

These biochemical systems are powerful, which explains why resisting the urge to over-drink with willpower alone proves so difficult.

But what if you could recondition your brain into powerful new thought patterns?

Modern science shows us that the brain is changeable; the unhelpful thinking that conditioned your brain into thinking you need to compulsively drink can be unlearned.

See yourself empowered once again around your drinking habits.

Now imagine being intimate feeling totally uninhibited, having the confidence to choose to not drink or too drink. Now see yourself being completely present and sober during those moments feeling liberated and able to receive pleasure without the nagging urge too numb your thoughts and your feelings.

Your brain already possesses the latent power to access this elevated state; you simply need a seasoned therapist or coach to show you the way.

The awareness you gain by doing this work will allow you dismantle the shame and harness the power you have within you to regain control of your over-drinking.

How do I know this because Not only am I successfully coaching women just like yourself; I've applied this methodology to my own life.

After using these powerful techniques, alcohol is something I can take or leave; Being at a social gathering, saying no to a drink, no longer stresses me I am liberated from any sort of conditioning or anxiety around drinking.


This discussion is framed for over-drinkers who want to reduce their habit of over drinking. Please note that this discussion is not intended for  alcoholics or chronic abusers of alcohol. If you are finding it difficult to function without alcohol. I strongly recommend you talk to your doctor or seek medical support.